As many others, the tie-dye craze has hit our household!

Being a mom of two teenage girls, this quarantine has been a whole lot of iPhones, iPads, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video...
you sense where I am going with this.
Well, when I was asked to buy "stuff to tie-dye" you bet I was all over it!
We have had many people ask about what to buy, where to buy and how to do it, so I figured I would make a post!

We started with this kit.
I bought it from Michaels because it's what was in stock at the time (and 20% off), but I have also seen it at Walmart and Amazon.
This is a good one to start with because it comes in a storage bin with rubber bands, gloves and plastic sheets.
You can add colors as you need it, but it's nice to have the bin for storage.

We have bought a whole bunch of white items.
Michaels has white t-shirts for $3.99. Of course my teens wanted some oversized and some extras to cut.
These were an easy add on to the order to qualify for free shipping 🙂

We also bought a bunch of these white hoodies from Amazon.
When we fist started, I splurged on Champion and it's really not worth the extra cost, tbh!
And of course these sweatpants... the only sweatpants my kids wear from Brandy Melville.

We researched some tie methods on YouTube to help with patterns; stripes, diagonal stripes, spiral, random scrunched.
You can't go wrong... they are all fun!

I found this color palette to be inspirational when picking our colors.

Here are some of our creations!
(and a few tips)
-Make sure to squeeze enough dye on if you don't want your garment to be too white.
-I often peak inside the folds to make sure it's seeping through enough.
- Don't forget to flip it and do the back!
-If you want it more pastel and less vibrant, just pour out some of the powder before adding water.

Happy tie-dying! 🙂


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